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Developing better business relationships, one conversation at a time.

Time to thrive

I believe that everyone deserves to flourish at work and that this is the right time to focus on people over profit, to achieve better business outcomes. I am Ann Stow, nice to meet you!

It’s my mission to change how businesses talk and act about their people – improving business relationships in and outside the workplace. Making the world a better place by instilling an approach to business where people and the organisation flourish by putting people first

Businesses become a place to thrive, not survive


Why we do what we do

Everything we do in life is about relationships

Jergen Klopp

Humanise Work do what we do because we are passionate about people, their lived experiences and development; and we believe that everyone should have an equal voice.

We believe that better organisations (& a better world) are created by putting people first: increasing understanding of the power of customer, employee and board relationships.

We bring passion, and a radically people-focused approach to improve relationships within and between organisations and individuals.

Driven by curiosity, fairness and integrity we believe that people belong at the centre of organisational and leadership development.

Our values are Integrity, Fairness, Curiosity, Passion and Joy

Have you considered…

…that your focus on outputs and numbers is removing your perspective from the people who make and sustain your organisation?

How bad could that be?

High levels of sickness, low retention, high replacement costs, failed change programmes, poor customer service, loss of investment, loss of reputation, closure.

These all impact your bottom line, probably more than you think.


How we work

First, we don’t take your word for it :-) we engage with you & challenge assumptions to help you find the right question, that way the outcome you need can be developed within the business, by the business and will evolve to suit your specific context, without our footprint.

We harness employee experience to build people focused futures, and to develop business relationships, within & external to organisations, for better business and meaningful change.

Disrupting conventional practice, we look at the organisation and its relationships in context, actively involving employees and external stakeholders.

We elicit feedback, discussion, honesty and openness; taking time to know your business and people. 

This understanding can be painful, but worth it!

Our tried and tested methodologies take a little longer, but the results should stand the test of time.


Communication, collaboration and co-creation are at the heart of everything we do.

Working closely with your people and contacts, we gain an understanding of your culture, skills, networks & business model. We call this Organisational Ethnography.

By finding out how things are, we work with you to co-create meaningful change through engagement and action, developing curious people and a brilliant business.

This approach facilitates honest discussions, identifies the real questions, enhances motivation, employee engagement & experience, customer satisfaction and, ultimately, the bottom line.

…and provides bespoke outcomes for each organisation, addressing the specific challenges and developing a tailored approach to change.

We aim to re-ignite the spark in your people to make them love working with you!

working with boards

We help you SEE your people

Using practice-based professional learning to help you recognise your ways of thinking and biases, to reimagine how you communicate to create a more engaged and more productive organisation.

With a reputation for providing considered challenge, we’ll identify the key change agents in your organisation who will continue this key challenge. function for your development.

We introduce boards to their employees, through lived experience stories and engagement, empowering, challenging people and organisations to face their realities, fears and potential.


…your thinking, assumptions, language, listening and responses impact on:

• your decisions
• your behaviour
• how you interact with others
• how others interact with you
• your relationships
• your organisation

Using a practice-based professional learning approach I will provide one-to-one engagement to raise your self-awareness to understand your own impact, to develop curious and inclusive leaders and people focused change. 

I also act as thought support for those who need a spare brain from time-to-time (you know who you are :-))

About me

Ann Stow - CEO / Founder

Ann has over 30 years experience across private and public sectors, developing and maintaining relationships and strong networks for improved understanding and decision making. As a Chartered Psychologist and practitioner working at the highest levels of confidentiality, she has a reputation for empowering people to improve equity & collaboration, facilitating change and providing considered challenge.
Ann provides thought support, constructive challenge, advice on business relationships & leadership challenges to Executive level in industry and their government equivalents. Ann develops strong stakeholder relationships & networks between organisations, often identifying links and synergies others miss and is seen as a partner by her clients.
She believes in creating space to hear the employee voice to create positive disruption and change. Her evidence-based methodology sees her sitting alongside employees and leadership to gain a true reflection of the business and its processes and culture.
Ann is a Chartered, Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society (CPsychol AFBPsS), Fellow of the RSA (FRSA), Fellow of the Higher Education Authority (FHEA), Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute (FCMI) & a qualified negotiator. She has authored/co-authored in excess of 70 research papers, focused on relationships, influence & behaviour change bringing Social & Behavioural Psychology theories into practice. She has presented papers on Leadership to Henley Business School and on Metacognition to the Defence Thinking Skills Symposium; and briefed Government Chief Scientific Advisors and the Defence Select Committee on the benefits of understanding the human factor in practice.

ASSOCIATES - If you're interested in being an associate with us, please do contact us!

Organisations I've worked with across the years

There will be a change – your work was well received as the catalyst for change
----------- were able to add to the soil, sow different seeds, so  different things emerged. That was really helpful!

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