How we work

Do you see...

…that your thinking, assumptions, language, listening and responses impact on,
  • your decisions
  • your behaviour
  • how you interact with others
  • how others interact with you
  • Your relationships
  • your organisation?

Using a practice-based professional learning approach I will provide one-to-one engagement to raise your self-awareness to understand your own impact, to develop curious and inclusive leaders and people focused change.

How we work with organisations

Communication and collaboration form the basis of everything we do

Working closely with your people and contacts we gain an understanding of your culture, skills, networks & business model. We call this Organisational Ethnography.

By finding out how things are, we work with you to co-create meaningful change through engagement and action, developing curious people and a brilliant business

This approach facilitates honest discussions, identifies the real questions, enhances motivation, employee engagement & experience, customer satisfaction and, ultimately, the bottom line.

…& provides bespoke outcomes for each organisation, addressing the specific challenges and developing a tailored approach to change.

We aim to re-ignite the spark in your people to make them love working with you!

How we work with boards

We help you see your people 

Using practice-based professional learning to help you recognise your ways of thinking and biases, to reimagine how you communicate to create a more engaged and more productive organisation.

Having a reputation for providing considered challenge, we’ll identify the key change agents in your organisation who will continue this key challenge function for your development.

We introduce boards to their employees, through lived experience stories and engagement, empowering, challenging people and organisations to face their realities, fears and potential.

What else do we do?

I sit alongside my clients, providing thought support, quiet disruption, advocacy, knowledge broking & act as the intelligent customer

Challenge, debate, think, talk, laugh and wonder (sometimes swear)!

Conduct a range of bespoke training courses including:
  • Listening skills
  • Introduction to thinking about thinking (metacognition)
  • Leadership development

Work with other advisors and consultancies to develop best practice

Conduct primary and meta-analytic research, and engage with experienced leaders to maintain our knowledge and expertise

Publish on social media, providing insights, and de-bunking some myths

If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, please get in touch with me - 
it might be something I haven’t thought of yet!